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    The story begins in the Adventurer's guild pub. It is the day of the wedding ceremony between Griff Hawkwood and Princess Charlotte.

    • Kada Pillar, Rolen Inda-deep, and King Marv are having a casual drink when all of a sudden& …

  • Guilds

    The Guilds of Medivah are extremely powerful. Their wealth and influence are recognized throughout the realm. While they swear loyalty to the king, even he must recognize their importance.

    Guilds of note are:

    • The Adventurer …

  • Altinova

    The second largest city in the Kingdom of Medivah. It lies on the eastern border. It is basically 3 islands connected to the land (on the west and east) by bridges. It is also surrounded by a stone wall. There is a hill that plateaus at the …