Flynn Roe

A handsome man, brown hair, strong, well shaven, whats not to like?


Flynn Roe is the guild leader of the Adventurer’s Guild, and you will hear him before you see him. He’s loud, he’s handsome, he’s playful, and everybody loves him.

He is slightly above average height for a human, a strong man with a strong personality. Combined with his skill with the sword, he garners the respect from warriors and women alike. He is even adept at the magical arts, and is able to counter and even empower other mages with just his own magic. He is the ultimate representative of what it means to be an adventurer.


Flynn Roe is the guild leader of the Adventurer’s Guild. When the old adventurer’s guild leader mysteriously disappeared four years ago, he assumed this position. Back then then the Adventurer’s guild was limited to Altinova, but now he has a building in the Capital, Heidel, and has ambitions to go expand the guild to heights that have never been seen before.

Flynn Roe

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