To the far West lies the elvish city of Calpheon. It is a city in which magic is so plentiful it is said that one's magical prowess is instantly bolstered, and it is said that even those with no knowledge of the magical arts are able to cast wonderous spells. These are all tales, as the magical city -isopen only to elves, Mages, select scholars, diplomats, and select merchants. This elven city is protected by a massive magical barrier, which is almost impervious to pass without authorization. Mages from all over come to visit Calpheon to study and learn magical arts, and the handful that have speak of its wonder.

The Mages of Calpheon are known throughout the land. Even the kingdom of Medivah acknowledges their strength, although begrudgingly. Only several months back, a major military excursion into Calpheon had been met with disaster. Now, Calpheon and Medivah have a tenuous trade agreement. Medivah is interested in the Mages secrets of magic, and Medivah, in Calpheon's newly found natural resource, a type of magically infusable ore now commonly referred to as "Magesteel". Neither is wishes to give up on their trade secrets. In addition, as the desert in the east continues to expand, Medivah seeks Calpheon's fertile soil to replace their own increasingly barren lands.


The Mages of Calpheon have an unusual distaste towards religion. They recognize the presence of the gods and their power; however, as self-proclaimed academics, only to the extent in which a casual relationship can be found.

Ruling Class:

Calpheon is ruled by the Archmage Vanus Galerion and his Council of the Wise.


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