The Guilds of Medivah are extremely powerful. Their wealth and influence are recognized throughout the realm. While they swear loyalty to the king, even he must recognize their importance.

Guilds of note are:

  • The Adventurer's Guild, a very well funded, prestigious and known guild; however, it's scope is quite small. It deals with mostly with hunting monsters, finding criminals, protection and escort, and investigation.

    • Benefits:

      • Prestige! The general population has high regard for successful adventurers.
      • Price reduction at state blacksmiths
      • The guild has political power. It is illegal to steal a members identification tag and pose as a member of the adventurers guild comes.
      • Bronze:

        • Entry level. Able to Accept missions. Mostly courier, protection, and some other local issues
      • Silver:

        • Proven in combat. Higher prices/payout. Same as above plus monster hunting, bounties on criminals, and investigation
      • Gold:

        • Higher prices. Completes silver missions with ease.
        • Heroic:

          • Mostly a symbolic title. There have only been a handful of these titles that have been rewarded.
      • Quality control. Those who use the Adventurer’s guilds services are assured those that they hire have the appropriate skill.

    • Downsides:

      • The guild takes 25% of the reward for Bronze, 20% for Silver and 10% for Gold
      • The guild has the right to revoke membership if you take contracts from a mercenary guild. It is occasionally enforced, but mainly used as a threat.
      • Low rank’s in the guild are numerous and not paid well. It is difficult to earn a living. Ranking up is often difficult due to the work required, which may be sparse, especially with the competition.


  • The Coalition of Mercenaries Guild, while it seems odd there is a guild for both mercenaries and adventurers there is a major difference. Mercenaries are willing to do more. The Mercenary Guild does not actually get its hands dirty, but serves rather as a recruitment hub. Other guilds generally look down upon the Mercenary Guild, but none can deny its pure military strength, which is comparable to a smaller nations standing army.

Crafting guilds:

  • The Blacksmiths Guild, specializing in steel-forged armor and weapons
  • The Gunsmith Guild, a new guild, specializing in, well, it's pretty obvious
  • The Shipwrights Guild, an old-well established guild
  • The Alchemists Guild



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