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Hey so this is the wiki page… Don't really know what I'm going posting here, I guess just some background info on the world, the factions in play, and other random stuff mostly for my own reference.

Character Sheets. I'm testing this out. Seems pretty good, nice format as easy to interact with. Printing kinda sucks though, so it's up to you if you want to use it or physical paper.

The Map: I'm using the Map for Black Desert Online. It's a pretty nicely set up map, you can minimize the annoying sidebar and sort the landmarks at the top (citys and villages will be the most important). I'm keeping most of the town names/Cities, though there are more roads on this map than I would like, as well. 

For a distance legend I think 3 days between Altinova and Tariff sounds about right. 

We are probably going to start in Altinova.

The factions:



Main Page

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