Medivah is by far the largest Kingdom, consisting of the capital of Heidel, the coastal city of Velia, and to the east, the island city of Altinova, as well as the surrounding villages.

Medivah is home to all races, through humans are by far the most common. It is well known as a place of industry. Craftsmen from Medivah are well sought after, espeically the Blacksmiths of Heidel, and the shipbuilders of Velia.

Ruling Class:

The King Gylan the II has is the monarch here. Unfortunately he is old and has no sons, only a daughter, Charlotte, who is to be wed to Griff Hawkwood. Griff was once a peasant whose rise was brought on through his 'undefeatable' mercenary group, The Band of the Hawk, his political acuity, and effeminate looks, all of which have made him into the people's champion. The nobles; however, are threatened by his rise to power and despise his upbringing. Of these nobles many prefer the company of King's brother, Gyles, who spends most of his time in the Temple of Pothos.


Medivah allows all religions to practice within it's borders, as long as they recognize the king as the uncontested authority.



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